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Who We Are

The DC Group of Companies [ DC Group ] is an international investment banking conglomerate headquartered in Singapore and, is primarily in the business of venture capital, mergers & acquisitions by means of internally generated private equity, assets & holdings.

What We Do

The DC Group, with the mission of building lives by innovating and establishing its foothold in various industries and emerging markets, aids its clients, primarily, by providing efficient, effective and quality products, services and solutions to essential problems, matters and difficulties that affect lives, organizations and communities, as a whole, thru our diversified corporate members, subsidiaries and affiliate-holdings.

How We Started

The DC Group was established in 2002 in the Philippines, initially, as a small trading company of electronics, apparels and overruns. By 2005, the DC Group expanded by creating a consultancy firm providing corporate affairs services, helping professionals, organizations and corporations on matters pertaining to their start-up, marketing, advertising and event needs and requirements. After continuously assisting and serving the ever growing needs and requirements of our clients, in 2009, the DC Group then decided to incorporate more value-added services such as project management, human resource assistance, printing services, legal services and accounting services, among others. Due to its continued growth, innovation and development, in 2014 the DC Group then decided to be of more help and assistance to its clients by means of establishing itself as a private investment vehicle primarily in the business of venture capital, mergers and acquisitions via internally generated private equity, assets, resources & holdings.

Who We Are Now

The DC Group is proud to have been able to establish itself as an international premiere investment banking conglomerate now headquartered in Singapore, with corporate holdings and operations in 7 countries including the U.S.A.. Currently, the DC Group has been able to diversify its portfolio, presence and foothold in 10 major industries via its 35 Member Corporate Subsidiaries and 26 Affiliate - Holdings that cater to the continued growth and development required especially in emerging markets. All these, together with our strategic partners, for us to better serve the rapidly evolving needs and requirements of professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and communities today.

Our Goal

The DC Group aims to build more opportunities for people and communities around the world by continuously expanding its global reach in major industries thru its investments, portfolio, corporate member subsidiaries and affiliate - holdings at the same time, asking our clients to leave certain essential matters to us and, thus, enabling them to succeed by focusing on what really matters to them and on what they do best.

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